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Our New Stance on Toxic Players

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:05 pm
We have recently decided to take a stand against Toxic players to help create a better environment for the server community.

We have found that a single source of negative behavior can ripple throughout the community and create a negative experience for potentially many players over time.

Below is a list of behaviors that we feel define a player as Toxic:

- Using hurtful words about a player publicly or privately. Hurtful words might even include non-foul language. If proof of this sort of interaction is provided to us, even if it took place on outside sources, we consider it toxic behavior and will act on it.

- Slander or Defamation of character. Spreading false rumors about players in order to shed a negative light on them would be considered slander or defamation of character.

- Manipulating others to perform what would be considered toxic behavior. In some scenarios players have influenced or manipulated others to act against others on their behalf, usually to harrass or harm another. If proof of these actions are found, all players involved could be removed for toxic behavior.

- Harassment of specific players. If the staff or other players find that a player or players actions always seem to bring them in conflict with other specific players, it could be considered harassment, and will be acted on.

- Performing deliberate actions to generally make a player's experience negative.

The staff will be keeping a diligent watch on player activities, and will do our best to deal with toxic players that we find causing issues. However, we encourage players to send us any information about others they feel are creating a negative experience for them. You can contact us via tickets, but we also accept emails, just feel free to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do players deemed as toxic get warnings or are they immediately banned?:

We will likely handle these players on a case by case basis. In some cases an immediate ban could be necessary. In other cases, we might give 1 thorough warning to the player and give them a chance to change their course of actions.

Can banned players appeal their ban?

We feel that toxic player bans should be completely final. These kinds of issues are serious, and would take more than an apology or an admission of guilt to apeal.

What if a banned toxic player buys another account?

If we can confirm with certainty that a banned toxic player is using another account to play on the server, it's very likely this would lead to the account being banned as well.
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